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Why Stage a house?


What’s the big deal with staging? Why spend that extra money?


The process of selling a property can be stressful and expensive. For most of us, our homes represent the largest investment we’ve ever made. Therefore it is critical that we recapture that investment when we are preparing to sell. Sellers cannot afford to stick a sign in the yard and hope buyers can envision the possibilities. With the prevalence of HGTV and home design shows, today’s buyer is pickier than ever. They want freshly updated properties that are ready to move in now. And if those properties look great on social media (ex: decked out with great looking furniture, art and accessories) then buyers can immediately picture themselves happily living in that space.


Better yet, professional staging goes further than just delivering pretty things. Experienced stagers know how to direct the eye to or away from certain features. Does your home have a picture window, gorgeous fireplace or vaulted ceilings? We know how to highlight those features with art, furniture or color. Is there a strangely shaped room or out-dated planter in the entry? We also know how to make sense of the strange or direct the buyer’s eye elsewhere. 


The bottom line is: staging pays for itself. With most staging costing 1% of the list price, it doesn’t make sense to hang around an extra 3-4 months on the market. Staged homes sell three times faster than un-staged homes, and many sell for 10-15% more than their competitors! The monthly expense of utilities, taxes and mortgage payments far exceeds the cost of professional staging. Houses that sit on the market for more than three months appear “worn” and buyers wonder what is wrong with the listing. Don’t wait to stage. Call us today for a free quote at 817-825-5599.