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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Stage?

You only make a first impression once. Home buyers take 30 seconds to decide if they're interested in a property. Curb appeal, key living areas and personality of a property matter. Don't leave anything to chance. Staging enhances your property's presentation, creating an appeal that can sell your property faster and for more money.

What is the Process?

If your property is already listed we can give you a ballpark quote over the phone. Statistics show that staging even helps after a house is on the market, provided you show new photos online. If it is not listed give us the number of rooms, square footage and list price and we can ballpark the price. Then we see the property in person, plan the layout and schedule the staging.

Staging day ranges from 4-8 hours. We usually start around 10am. Staging involves many moving pieces such as changing inventory, moving help, truck and delivery schedules and arranging staging assistance. We require 4-7 days notice to successfully complete a job. Once your property is under contract we schedule pick up and you can head to closing!

Benefits of Staging

  • Sell faster, often for more money than un-staged properties

  • Staging is less than the average price reduction

  • Photos look great online!

  • Great photos drive buyers to your home

  • Creates immediate appeal to buyers

  • Your property stands out from the competition

  • Helps buyers understand the space

  • Buyers can picture themselves there, creates emotional attachment

How Much Does it Cost?

We determine price according to the home's list price, square footage, accessibility (lofts and high rises are extra) and number of rooms staged. A standard $300K home with 2200 square feet would cost around $2300-$2800 to stage, depending on the number of living areas and bedrooms involved. We require payment up front because all of our work is complete at the time of staging. Vacant staging has high overhead (furniture, artwork accessories, warehouse fees, insurance, trucks, labor). We do our best to keep if affordable for you and still profitable for us. And It is almost always less than a $5-$20k price reduction.

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